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Two Bear Pups Are Terrified Of Climbing Down A Tree: See Mama Bear’s Courageous Move

This mother bear is finally ready to emerge from hibernation after a long winter and seven months of living in a hole in a cottonwood tree about 16 feet above the forest floor. During her hibernation, she gave birth to a litter of two cubs.
The winter den, which was strangely positioned up a tree, kept the young bears secure from predators, including other bears, but now is the time for them to stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and bulk up in preparation for the upcoming winter. The mother bear carefully waits for her young ones to find their way down the towering tree for the first time in this stunning video from Wild Alaska – BBC.

The two 12-week-old siblings sit high above the branches, clearly disturbed by their situation of being taken from their mother. They are in a risky condition because, despite weighing just 6-9 pounds per, a fall from such a height could be harmful to the young cubs.
The first daring sibling takes a few steps to establish his bearings and rapidly adapts to the art of climbing, owing to his sharp claws and the natural climbing sense of the black bear. Soon after, he is reunited with his mother.

The second cub appears to be perplexed, unsure how to proceed. He calls for his mother and then makes a few shaky steps that immediately reveal his lack of mobility in comparison to his brother. Finally, the mother bear makes her way up the tree, precariously balanced on a branch that appears to be inadequate for the task. She softly nudges her baby, both bracing him and encouraging him to make his journey down the tree.

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