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After Her Mother Surprises Her With A Shelter Dog She Seen Online, A Young Girl Bursts Into Tears

Alexandria was exploring the Arizona Humane Society website when she came across a photo of Wyatt, a black and white pit bull. The 10-year-old understood from away that this was the dog for her family.

“As soon as she met Wyatt, she burst into tears and knew he was the one,” Alexandria’s mother, Angela, said in a statement. “She exclaimed, ‘He’s the one who’s going to look after us, Mom!'” If you go fetch him, I pledge to adore him forever and to take excellent care of him.”


Angela advised her daughter that they should wait a little longer before getting a dog, but Alexandria kept checking Wyatt’s page to make sure he was still available in case her mother changed her mind.

Wyatt was referred to the Arizona Humane Society by Project Reachout. “We collaborate with other shelters for a variety of reasons, including overcrowding and having too many pets in their shelter, having pets with medical needs and not being able to provide medical care, and a variety of other reasons,” Kelsey Dickerson, spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society, told The Dodo.


Wyatt arrived at the Arizona Humane Society in May to be treated for kennel cough. As soon as he felt better, he quickly won over the whole crew with his upbeat, kind demeanor.

“Anyone who knew him knew how wiggly and wonderful he was,” Dickerson added. “He was dubbed a ‘big ol’ love bug.'”


Alexandria had no idea her mother had planned a covert meeting to see Wyatt in person. “I knew he was the one for our family the moment I met him,” Angela added.

Angela signed the paperwork right away and drove Wyatt to her daughter’s school to surprise her.


Alexandria had no idea what was going on as she stepped out of class and spotted Wyatt. It wasn’t until her mother gave her the adoption paperwork that it hit her that Wyatt was now a member of their family — and the tears began to pour.

You may see the endearing video here:

Wyatt and Alexandria have been inseparable since that day.

“We take him everywhere,” Angela added, “to the grocery store, hiking, swimming, and several walks throughout the day.” “This adorable, affectionate guy is completely housebroken and knows a variety of tricks.” He’s very eager to please and such a good cuddler.”


Angela is overjoyed that her daughter now has the perfect buddy to snuggle with all night and greet her when she gets home from school each day.