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Traumatized Dog Showed Happiness In Woman’s Arms After Being Rescued

Animal rescuer Georgina Neagu has shared an adorable video. She was driving in Romania when she saw a scared little dog.

Dog was running toward her and woman immediately stopped her car. She said that dog looked traumatized.

But for a few moments dog felt safe and started licking Neagu like she wanted to say thank you.

“When I saw her I knew I had to take her home with me,” Neagu told The Dodo. “Unconditional love can heal every broken heart. She felt safe in my arms.”

Now dog has a name, call her Paula. She is so adorable and likes to play a lot.

“She was named Paula. She is playing a lot, and she is glued to my shadow,” Neagu said. “She’ll be with me until she finds a forever home. She is around 11 months old and is a bundle of love.”