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When A Dog Visits The Veterinarian, She Believes She Is There To Receive Hugs

As a licensed veterinary technician at an emergency animal hospital, Kayleen Campbell has a lot of difficult days. But she makes an effort to find joy wherever she can, which is typically in the form of her patients’ lovely and amusing actions.

Although the majority of the dogs and cats she looks for are in a vulnerable position, that doesn’t mean they aren’t in need of love and attention. This was particularly evident when Campbell was called in to help with a blood draw during a particularly hectic day.

Campbell said on Reddit, “We have to hold off the jugular vein after extracting blood, but this beautiful elderly girl assumed I was just there for the hugs.” “This is why I enjoy what I do.”


The neck is a popular location because it allows vets to take blood rapidly without compromising veins in the front legs, which may be needed for IV catheters, according to Campbell. The puppy, who was between the ages of 12 and 13, didn’t understand why Campbell was holding her so tightly – and she didn’t appear to mind.


“Holding the vein off normally takes only a few seconds, but this beautiful elderly lady kept leaning back into me, thinking I was simply there to offer her love and care, which I was glad to do,” Campbell told The Dodo. “I wouldn’t say this is a normal reaction because many dogs don’t want to remain still for lengthy periods of time in a place with so much going on.”

Campbell’s coworker surreptitiously snapped a few photographs of the beautiful connection while the attention-seeking puppy distracted her. Campbell and her coworkers are usually willing to snuggle any animal in need, thus this “hug” was by no means an unusual event.


“Of course, some people are anxious or afraid, and in those cases, I try to be as accommodating as possible,” Campbell added. “However, if I meet nice, happy dogs or purring cats, I always make time to pet and adore them.”


While being able to pet as many cute animals as she wants is wonderful, Campbell’s favorite aspect of her work is making her patients feel better. Campbell stated, “I enjoy being a part of the diagnosis process to figure out what’s wrong with a sick pet.” “So that I can be a part of the therapy process and help them get back on track.”


Even though she spends her days surrounded by animals, the thrill of meeting each new patient hasn’t worn off. “I still get insanely thrilled when I see a kitten,” Campbell remarked.