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Three Little Piglets Join The Warthog Family At Zoo Atlanta

At Zoo Atlanta, a litter of pigs has arrived. These three adorable piglets were born on April 13th, 2021. Eleanor and Hamlet are the parents of the baby pigs. They are the parents’ first generation of children.

Eleanor is a very protective mother to her piglets. Visitors are not yet able to see the piglets. Before they meet their father, they have been given time to bond with their mother. These are the first piglets born after Eleanor’s first litter was born to her late parents Shirley and Vern.

Hamlet joined Eleanor at the zoo in 2020 as a companion.

Warthogs are related to domestic pigs but have a different appearance. The rough look of warthogs gives them their name. The warthog’s so-called “warts” are actually defensive bumps. They also have four tusks that are effective in battle.

The warthog eats only plants. Plants, grasses, and roots are among its favorite foods. This is another significant distinction from pigs, who will consume almost anything. They can also go for lengthy periods of time without drinking. During the dry season, this period can stretch for several months! This has been confirmed by National Geographic.

Despite their ferocious appearance, warthogs spend the majority of their time grazing. When fully charged, they may reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. This is pretty quick considering their appearance.

Warthogs are typically found in dry areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. Its natural habitat is savannas, grasslands, and forests. They live in dens or burrows dug by other animals. This is where they call home.

Despite being classified as “Least Concerned” by the IUCN, wild warthogs are in decline. The warthog population is constantly threatened by desertification, habitat loss, and human meddling. Regardless, warthogs have demonstrated greater tolerance to human activity than any other grassland mammal.

We wish these three piglets happiness and good health!