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The Owners Abandoned Him Because He Was Not “Able To Be Sold,” But He Is Now Fairly Famous

For years, dog breeders have worked hard to perpetuate stereotypes at the expense of their health. And, regrettably, these helpless creatures end up paying with their lives to gratify human desires.

Several studies have demonstrated that when puppies are frequently mixed with others of the same breed, genetic features that endanger their survival are reinforced.

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Unfortunately, all of this is overlooked on a regular basis. Especially if they are folks who have made a living by exploiting pups.

Breeders who specialize in Pomeranian pups were taken aback when one of the puppies appeared to be considerably larger and fluffier than the rest of his siblings.

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They couldn’t sell it since it didn’t fit the description of a Pomeranian. The hairy one was lovely, but his owners rejected him, so they surrendered him to a shelter.

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Bertram had to spend a number of months in an Oklahoma shelter because of this. Despite the hard efforts of rescuers, these are not suitable environments for a puppy’s development.

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They require as much specialized care as possible and can grow quite lonely since they spend the most of the day in very confined settings.

Bertram, fortunately, was able to steal Kathy Grayson’s heart and experience the glorious life that all furry friends deserve.

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Kathy was hunting for a pet on the internet, and when she spotted the adorable fuzzy boy, she knew he was the one.

She now lives in New York with him, and her favorite hobby is photographing the lovely Bertram.

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The small child captures everyone’s attention and has sparked such outrage that he is already a star on the networks.

The reason he was rejected in his initial weeks of existence has become his most unique and cherished trait by everybody.

“He resembles the teddy bear from the film Paddington.” Many people notice the likeness and point it out. “There are people who believe it is a baby bear,” Kathy explained.

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Now, the adoring furry child spends his days meeting innumerable fans at his mother’s art gallery. It’s incredible to conceive that someone could reject and ignore a dog as gorgeous as Bertram.