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A Cute Newborn Giraffe Is Born At Disney, Defying The Species’ Extinction

The baby Masai giraffe, who has yet to be named, weighed 71 kilos and stood 2 meters tall, according to the amusement park’s animal care crew. This stunning specimen was born in perfect health and vigor.

Credit: Disney Parks

This tiny giraffe, according to local reports, is a warrior that will make its debut on the Kilimanjaro Safaris savanna in the coming months.

Karen Jasmine, animal manager for Disney’s Animal, Science, and Environment, stated, “The first time I arrived and saw her, she was moving quite well about the barn, nursing beautifully.”

This is the 35th giraffe born in the park as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Animals Survival Plans, which assure responsible breeding of endangered species.

Credit: Disney Parks

“She was obviously spunky and powerful throughout her newborn assessment.” “I’d say he’s a bold and self-sufficient animal,” Karen remarked.

Through the new video series “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” one of the park’s aims is for the general public to understand more about how Disney cares about animals and how it helps safeguard species in the wild.

Credit: Disney Parks

Rory Dwyer, an animal handler, stated, “We’re all quite delighted.”

The crew adores this newborn giraffe’s unusual relationship with her mother, Mara.

Credit: Disney Parks

Each giraffe is unique. I’m looking forward to seeing how his personality develops. His mother, like his grandmother, is a self-assured giraffe. “This little girl has a big world ahead of her, and we’re all excited to be a part of it,” Rory continued.

The new giraffe is a Disney-owned third-generation Maasai.