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Guy Sweeps Around His Very Lazy Dog While Doing House work

It’s easy to understand how this laid-back dog got her moniker.

People, meet Lazy the dog.


Lazy is a 10-year-old “guard” dog that lives with her owner, Lucho Bugallo, in Argentina. Lazy’s major interest in life is much more muted, though he would never turn down a run in the park. Her favorite pastime is doing nothing at all.

“We call her Carpet at home,” Bugallo told The Dodo. “She prefers to spend her days in bed.”

Bugallo is unconcerned with his dog’s penchant towards idleness. In fact, he’s extremely accommodating, especially when it comes to duties that would go much more smoothly if Lazy could muster even the tiniest bit of enthusiasm to move.

Here’s a video of Bugallo brushing some leaves as an example:

Bugallo is glad to let Lazy be lazy because that is her preferred state of being.

It’s all worth it when she smiles at the end of the day.

“She can lie down all day if she wants to,” Bugallo added. “That’s why we keep pets in the first place, to make sure they’re happy.”