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A 10-Year-Old Goldfish Was Dying But His New Owner Gave Him A Second Chance To Live

A 10-year-old goldfish was so sick because he was neglected. He is named Monstro and has had a very tough life.

Goldfish couldn’t swim and also had other health conditions.

His new owner decided to nurse him and to give him a second chance to live.

You won’t believe how this fish changed a lot after getting better.

“Monstro is somehow a big goof while also being a high maintenance diva at the same time,” the goldfish’s new owner Lacey told Bored Panda.

After having all the treatments needed, now Monstro is healthy again and he is getting bigger and bigger.

Not just that but goldfish has changed even his color.

“On the one hand, he’s like a goofy oversized puppy. He’ll come to the glass and beg for attention, especially when he wants to be fed (which is always),” Lacey told Bored Panda. “Due to their shape, fancy goldfish aren’t the best swimmers, and Monstro is no exception.”