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To Let His Deaf And Blind Pal Know He’s There, Dog Always Pokes His Nose

Some animals are born with physical disabilities, but this does not prevent them from living a normal life, and in many cases, they are accompanied by a special companion who helps them overcome any obstacles.

Tamale was only four months old when she was adopted from Speak for the Unspoken Dog Rescue, and she has been deaf and blind from birth. Actually, his impairment does not have as big of an impact on him as you might expect, because he frequently engages in activities that any dog would do without difficulty.

Tamale’s mother, Kayleigh Otstot, told The Dodo:

“He frequently collides with objects, but other than that, I consider him to be a fully normal dog.” When people meet him, they frequently state that they would never guess!


Tamale has always been known for being gregarious; he adores humans, infants, and any other dogs he encounters. He was fortunate enough to meet his greatest buddy in the world, a gorgeous dog named Jimmy, owing to his tremendous generosity.


They met in the dog park more than a year ago and have since developed a wonderful bond.

Kayleigh had this to say:

“Jimmy’s mother, Melinda, and I had originally arranged to meet at the dog park. Then we began taking them on walks together, and things progressed from there. They see each other once a week at the very least.


Tamale and Jimmy have formed such a special bond and have become so close that Jimmy believes his friend is unusual and requires his assistance. Knowing this, everything points to Jimmy having devised a unique method of informing his pal that he is present.


Tamale waits in the car impatiently every time the two meet up to hang together, and Jimmy runs up and smashes her nose. This alerts the friendly Tamale that his closest buddy has come, and it’s time to begin exploring and enjoying the park.


Kayleigh continued, ”

“Tamale always gets out of the car first and the two immediately start playing.”