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Meet Pokey That Has A Sleeping Face, He Likes Being Cuddled And Nose Kissed

Meet Pokey, this lovely hedgehog. He was seen by his actual owner in Internet. She immediately felt in love with his sleeping face.

In the beginning, Pokey really loved to stay alone all day. He was a grump but now Pokey is such a loving hedgehog.

He likes to being cuddled and nose kissed.

“Pokey made my 8 years dream come true! I am so happy having him and I’ve been taking photos and videos non-stop for the last 5 months. I really want to share these photos and hopefully just like when I fell in love with hedgehog through a photo online 8 years ago, other people would fall in love with hedgehog through Pokey’s photo this time!” his owner writes in BoredPanda.

So cute, right?