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Arber Bytyqi’s Bridal Makeup On 21 Women Before And After (New Pics)

Arber Bytyqi is a professional makeup artist and social media beauty influencer who has over 450,000 followers. His fame and prosperity, however, did not come quickly. It took a long time for the him to come this far. Arber had known what he wanted to accomplish since he was a child, but his family was against him. In an earlier interview with Bored Panda, he noted, “A male in the beauty industry is considered taboo in our culture.” “So I acquired a master’s degree in economics first, and only then did I pursue my ambition of being a makeup artist.”

Years later, he is still as enthusiastic as ever, working with over a thousand brides each year. Here are a few of Arber and his team’s most recent changes.



“The first question I ask when I meet a client is what kind of occasion they’re getting their makeup done for,” Arber previously told us. “I also inquire if my clients have any specific requests.” If they want a natural or dramatic look, for example.

“Then I ask what type of dress they are going to wear and they show me the dress that they intend to wear. The style of the appearance the client is striving for is shown by the design of the dress and its details. After that, I examine their features.”




When the pandemic isn’t ravaging the world, Arber and his staff typically serve over a thousand brides per year. “Summer is a particularly challenging season for wedding makeup. During this time, we may serve up to 60 clients per day.”

Naturally, such a large client base requires a great deal of assistance. Arber’s team has a total of 25 members (15 makeup artists and 10 hair stylists).





He has, however, trained even more people. “Some of my students work part-time, while others work full-time.”

Arber has the capacity to serve up to 100 people per day. “We begin our workdays early in the morning and ensure that our timetable has no bearing on the quality of our services, meeting all of their requirements.” The coronavirus, of course, has had an impact on these numbers. “A wedding is one of the most important events in a Balkans life.