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A Dog Rescued Little Girl From Ocean Waves After Thinking She’s Being Washed Away

The beach is a fun place for kids and dogs to play together and make memories to last a lifetime.

For one little girl and her Newfoundland dog in France, the beach is a place where a hysterical incident happened.

As the young girl, who appears to be about six or seven years old, frolicked in the ocean waves, her ever loyal dog watched nearby.

As she splashed and played, the waves suddenly rolled in. Her dog, Matyas, was having none of this, as he felt the waves were a danger to the little girl.

The family was a few yards away, and the girl was not in trouble, but the dog stood his watery ground.

Not only does Matyas never leave her side, but he starts pulling her away when the waves came crashing in!

The sweet girl giggled and tumbled, and the dog stepped up to help. He tugged on her t-shirt and gently pulled her to what he felt was ‘safety’ on the shore.

As the girl was pulled to shallow water, the dog held on so the naughty waves could not get to her!

Watch the hysterical action unfold in this wet and wild video below.

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