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Gentle Goose Takes on the Role of Nanny for Her Best Friend’s Puppy

Love knows no limits, whether it’s in terms of size, color, or even species.

This is exactly what occurred when a goose and a Samoyed puppy, who live together and are closest friends, got together.

Credit: kingdomstv

The geese was rescued as a youngster and raised with the puppy in the same family.

They formed a strong relationship and now never leave one other’s side; they eat, sleep, and even play together.

Credit: kingdomstv

They’re so close that when the pup isn’t around, the goose will frequently step in to look after the pup’s offspring.

Credit: kingdomstv

The geese is a very devoted nanny; she follows the puppies around everywhere, as if they were her own children, to make sure they are safe.

Credit: kingdomstv

She is even willing to babysit when necessary!

Here’s the link to the whole video: