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The Hairless Dog Becomes The Fluffiest And Happiest Female In The World

Mikita is a hairless dog that lived on the streets, more specifically on a reservation in South Dakota, when a Lightshine Canine rescuer encountered her for the first time. Her skin was too red, as if it were flesh, she was too hungry, and she could hardly walk.

Mikita was lacking a lot of hair at the time, so the man who rescued her couldn’t even define what breed of dog she was. A volunteer with Happy Tails Rescue decided to give the dog a foster home and began treating her mange.

As strands of gray and white hair began to emerge around her body, they realized she was a Husky dog, even though she was still a long way away.


Mikita’s story caught Jessi Sova’s attention after she had been looking for a companion for her rescued Husky for several days. Jessi stumbled across a Facebook post about Mikita’s dilemma while searching the internet and decided she needed to see her straight away.

According to Jessi, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I received my application for adoption approval and set up a meeting.” She was a tiny little creature with the loveliest little face. When my kid and I went to meet her, we both fell in love.


The dog’s fortunes appeared to turn when a woman agreed to adopt her and give her a lifelong home, but she still faced a struggle. Mikita gradually healed, but Jessi noticed that something was wrong with her back since she wasn’t moving well.


Mikita’s expression on her face suggested that every time she wanted to play or it was time to go to bed, it was a very painful occasion for her.

Jessi woke up numerous times a night to find out what she needed, and it was like having a baby in the house.

Jessi had this to say:

“I awoke to her crying one night, and she couldn’t get her rear legs under her to stand up. We were both taken to the emergency vet by a buddy.


Mikita was diagnosed with discoenpondylitis, an uncommon infection that affects the vertebrae of animals, after completing many medical procedures. The dog began antibiotic therapy, and nothing could stop her from becoming a joyful animal from that point forward.

He was always seeking for ways to have fun and play with his family, as he should be, and his gorgeous gray and white fur continued to grow at a rapid rate.


Jessi went on to say:

“His first port of call was the emergency veterinarian.”

His back no longer bends as much, and he moves considerably better, despite the fact that it took him some time to develop strength and stamina.


Every day, his fur gets longer, but Jessi claims that it hasn’t fully grown yet, so it will be fluffier.

The woman considers herself fortunate to have Mikita in her life, and the dog, of course, is overjoyed to know how much she is adored.


Mikita will be able to live the life she deserves after being a homeless dog with an unclear future due to her rescuers.