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A Friendly Dolphin Meets Two Dogs On A Boat

Many stories about unique friendships made in the animal world have surfaced over time, with the following being a prime example. Miles and Stanley, two lovely puppies, have recently created an unique and unlikely friendship.

They came into the unusual company of an animal that lives in the water while walking with their owner, Magen Peigelbeck, and what was peculiar was their approach.

It all began when Magen and her two dogs were sailing on a river near the Georgia coast on a beautiful bright day. A nice dolphin emerged out of nowhere and decided to approach them to greet them; he looked excited to meet the dogs.

Friendly dolphin greets two dogs.

As Magen stood there watching, the dolphin swam toward Miles and Stanley, frequently emerging from the water as if to say “hello” to his new pals.

According to Magen, who spoke to The Dodo:

“I was awestruck; I realized it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The amazing occurrence lasted for a long, and it appeared that the curious dolphin was more interested in learning more about his pals than in Magen’s presence.

Magen was not bothered by the interested visitor’s lack of interest; on the contrary, she was ecstatic with what she observed.

Magen stated,

“The dolphin was having a fantastic time; he was only there to watch the dogs; plainly, he didn’t care about me!”

Magen and his dogs have returned to the same location several times since that emotional encounter, hoping to meet their companion. Unfortunately, they have not seen the gorgeous and clever aquatic mammal since; they are unsure if they will, but they stay optimistic.

Magen and his two dogs will continue sailing in the hope that their new buddy will return, but if that does not happen, they will remember that one-of-a-kind event forever.

Magen stated,

“We’ve been in the sea for years and have never seen anything like this; it was a once-in-a-lifetime event.”

Surely, Magen and his dogs will remember this wonderful occasion as a very pleasant meeting for the rest of their lives.

The good news is that the incident was captured on film and posted to YouTube by Magen, where it has been seen thousands of times.

WSAV quoted Magen as saying:

′ ′ It makes me happy and my heart expands, and it shows that everyone can get along. Animals may teach us valuable lessons.