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The Dog Discovers A Comfortable Spot In A Tree And Chooses To Climb It

Arlo was approximately a year old when his family rescued him three years ago. He’s a happy boy who still has the enthusiasm of a puppy. He enjoys going on excursions with his family, visiting gorgeous scenery, and living in the great outdoors.

This curious youngster enjoys swimming, long walks, and admiring nature’s beauty; he is extremely adventurous and occasionally gets himself into mischief; he may do some foolish things, but his family finds all of this amusing.

Arlo’s mother, Bryce LaDuc, told The Dodo:

“He spent his first year of existence chained to a doghouse, and now he’s making up for missed puppy time by becoming the most charming youngster on the planet.”


Bryce informs you that Arlo is a fun-loving, clever, active guy who is a very happy furry, and that he has brought a lot of joy into your life. The adorable canine’s adopted mother is certain that their relationship is strengthening every day.


She went on to say:

“He marches to the beat of his own drum and is constantly up to some wacky antics.”


While he and his family were having fun exploring the forest, they stumbled across a tree with a huge hole inside. Arlo felt compelled to participate in the fun as they gazed down the hole with bated breath. He leapt into the hole without hesitation.

Bryce remembers:

“We didn’t warn him; he was just curious about what we were witnessing.”


The naughty dog appeared to be having a good time in the hole, staying inside for a few minutes as his owners took photos before jumping outside again.


Fortunately, the tree’s potential inhabitants appeared to be far away, otherwise Arlo may have surprised them with his eager kid energy.

You can follow Arlo and his family’s excursions on Instagram, where they frequently share snippets from their exciting journeys.