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Omg Such a Cute Moment! Cat’s Getting a Baby Brother- He Finally Saw The Baby Move

Mel Kappuccino is expecting her first baby. She is so happy and enthusiastic about that. But Mingy, her sweet cat didn’t even know that Mel is pregnant.

He seemed to sense that something had changed so the cat started acting different.

The other day, however, Mingy finally put two and two together. While Kappuccino sat on the couch, the baby began to move — something which evidently came as quite a surprise to the cat.

At that moment, Mingy was surprised. He was curious to see what was going on so Mel started recording immediately.

Tenderly, Mingy placed his paw on Kappuccino’s baby bump — in that moment seeming to realize that it was his little brother inside her.

Kappuccino recorded that beautiful moment and said that she loves Mingy so much. Mel is pretty sure that the cat and her baby are going to be best friends forever.