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Family Fights To Save A Dolphin Stranded On The Beach And Brings It To Safety

At Playa Levera in Granada, a dolphin becomes stuck and cries out for help in this tragic scene. Aly Monsef, a resident of Perthshire, Scotland, and her family were on vacation when they unexpectedly came across a single dolphin that was stranded close to the shore and in obvious distress.

As we initially see in the scenario, Aly’s kids attempt to resuscitate the dolphin, but they are unable because the dolphin is still ferociously flapping its fins, seemingly in tremendous distress.

The father of the boys intervenes at that point, forcefully grabbing the dolphin’s tail, pushing it into deeper water, and attempting to take it back out to sea.

Ali stated:

They may have pushed the dolphin too far because it suddenly started moving in the sand after we had been watching it play in the waves and along the coastline for some time.

Image| Caters News Agency

Ali also said

The fact that he was a young male dolphin may help to explain why he was by himself. Young male dolphins are frequently expelled from their pod.

Image| Caters News Agency