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After Being Abandoned, The Sweetest-Faced Cat Is Grateful To Be On The Recovery

A couple from California discovered an abandoned cat with the loveliest face in a neighborhood. When they fed him, his nose began to expand, and it eventually became so severe that he ulcerated, couldn’t breathe properly, and stopped eating.

They rushed him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with cryptococcus, a fungal ailment caused by breathing the fungus in the open air. He was brought to a rescue facility to receive the medical attention he required.

The couple realized they couldn’t offer the cat, called Khy, with the care he required, so they contacted a rescue group for assistance, where they were connected with Milo’s Sanctuary, which transported the kitten to Los Angeles.


Milo’s Sanctuary’s president and founder, Michele Hoffman, told Love Meow

“When he arrived to Milo’s, he was ill, malnourished, and physically and psychologically exhausted. It was difficult to discern his actual nature. He sat curled up since the entire left side of his face was ulcerated and diseased.

When he arrived to the refuge, the cryptococcus and the left side of his face were both treated. Khy valiantly withstood the therapy and expressed his gratitude to everyone who looked after him.

Khy began to recover and gain strength as a result of the love and attention she got. They debrided him and treated the whole wound on his face as soon as he was healthy and ready for surgery.


The lovely kitten progressed, and his charming and lively personality appeared shortly after. He was more energetic and interested, often searching for new people to embrace and cuddle.

Michele explains:

“She began to feel better after a visit to the veterinarian, medicines, and a lot of love and care. We constantly reminding him how attractive he is and how much we love and care for him.


Khy is a highly affectionate cat that enjoys cuddling with the other cats and their people. He enjoys sweets and food, and he is beginning to play with toys. She’s on the mend now, but the sweetest-faced cat of all will require ongoing medical attention and medicine.

The sanctuary’s director assures:

“He has a long way to go before he is cured. We don’t sure if his nose will revert to cat size, but that’s fine since we like him just the way he is.

The lovely kitten has joined Milo’s Sanctuary’s Lifetime Care program (for special-needs kittens), where he has made many resident feline friends, provides love and affection to everybody, and is a very loving guy.

Khy comes racing to his side if he sees a kitten around, and if his caregiver calls him, he comes running ready for affection and caresses. He also likes cuddling with his people.


Michelle continues:

She is really nice and kind, and she enjoys being kissed and having her tummy rubbed. He’s still hesitant and guarded, but we’re confident that he’ll soon be ordering goodies and playing with toys.


Khy is a sweet and caring kitty, no matter what she’s gone through. The kitty is extremely thankful for all of the assistance he has gotten and makes every effort to express his gratitude to his caregivers.

Last but not least, Michele says:

“We couldn’t put into words how wonderful, lovely, and delicate it is.”