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We Never Lost Up Hope,’ Says The Owner Of A Missing Dog In Hampton

Two Bernese mountain dogs have returned home to their Hampton family after being gone for more than a month.

“I was crying happy tears,” says the narrator. It’s been a hard six weeks. We never lost hope. It was wonderful to see Abby and Mabel reunited with our sons. They’ve been much missed. Sandi Bradley, the owner, stated via email, “It seems like our world is complete again.”

On Saturday, July 17, Abby, six years old and 80 pounds, and her puppy, Mabel, seven months old and 40 pounds, were startled by fireworks and ran away.

The dogs were last seen at 8:45 p.m., racing east on the westbound lane of Highway 407, just west of the Bowmanville Avenue on-ramp, until disappearing.

The family contacted local animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and extensively publicized the dogs’ photos on social media with the aid of Team Chelsea, a missing pet search group.

Bradley called Abby and Mabel as “the world’s largest lap dogs” in a story about their abduction, and claimed they are a part of her family and are greatly missed.

After weeks of waiting for information on the dogs’ whereabouts, the family received a call from a Team Chelsea administrator on Monday, Aug. 30. The admin member informed Bradley that they had maybe located her pets and provided her pictures to help her identify them.

“We realized it was Abby and Mabel right immediately. They looked to be good. They were drenched from fleeing in the rain, but they appeared to be in excellent health,” Bradley added.

The dogs had gone all the way from Hampton to Maple, a distance of more than an hour. Abby and Mabel were found by a “lovely” woman who kept them in her barn overnight, according to Bradley. When Bradley dialed the number, the woman was overjoyed to be reunited with her family and their dogs.

Soon after the phone call, Bradley’s husband, Dean, and son, Isaac, departed to pick up the dogs. According to Bradley, the dogs came running as soon as the family called them.

“They hopped in the car and were on their way home. They’re settling in nicely, tired but happy to be back at home,” Bradley said. “I want to express my gratitude to our friend Lori Glazier and the whole Team Chelsea for their hard work, tenacity, and commitment in assisting us in reuniting Abby and Mabel with us.”