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Earless Cat Finds Forever Home And A New Best Friend At The Same Time

Meet Potato, the adorably deafeningly attractive earless cat who would nonetheless manage to snare your lady. Before being rescued by a local shelter, the cat was living on the streets of China.

Potato’s rescuers discovered him in a dreadful state; he had been unwell and abandoned for two years, and he had a rare tumor in his ear canals and ear flaps called ceruminous adenoma.

After failing to remove the adenoma, the veterinarians recommended completely removing the cat’s canals and flaps to prevent the tumor from returning.

Potato, thankfully, is doing well and has found a lifelong home as well as a new best friend in Horlick. Despite without having ears, the lovely cat’s new owners revealed on Instagram that he can still hear.

“No one knows when Potato was born or how old he is because he was a stray cat,” says the author.
They estimate that the dapper guy is roughly 6 years old, and since Potato was adopted on April 25, his owners have begun to celebrate that day as the cat’s birthday.

1. Potato’s new best friend Horlick

2. Such a cute kitty

3. Potato is now living his best life with his forever family

4. Potato is now perfectly safe

5. He seems to be getting along perfectly well with his new best friend

6. They’re constantly snuggling together

7. Just a snugg Potato

8. Confused potato

9. Horlick’s ears are enough for both of them

10. Happy Birthday Potato!

11. Wating for treats

12. Potato always seems quite playful and full of energy

13. Kicking corona’s butt

14. Attack position

15. Ying and Yang

16. Such a gorgeous kitty

17. Potato is like any normal kitty