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Human Faced Dog In Real Life It Looks Like This And Is Making People Upse

Meet Yogi, a lovable puppy whose look has gotten a lot of people talking.
Is there anything unique about him?


If you were to say, “Hello there! That dog has a manly appearance!” — you’re not the only one who feels this way.

Little Yogi’s face, after all, has an obviously human quality about it. The intense stare of his bright almond-shaped eyes, the impression of a prominent brow ridge above in his fluff, and those soft pinkish lips all contribute to the dog’s strange appearance of being part-person.

Seeing Yogi with a dog that looks more like a dog emphasizes this point even further.


“Looking at him, typically I don’t see it!” Yogi’s owner, Chantal Desjardins, told The Dodo, “Looking at him, generally I don’t see it!”

Chantal only found out the truth after sharing Yogi’s photo on Facebook.

One buddy remarked, “He looks like there’s a person within that dog body.”

“Why does one of you appear to have swapped human faces? It’s giving me the creeps “Another was added.

The internet began to weigh in after one of Chantal’s friends uploaded a photo of Yogi on Reddit.


Here are a few examples of the wild reactions Yogi and his face have elicited:

“I’ve never seen anything so frightening.” [1]

“Bs, I say. I’m attempting to sleep here, so I’m hoping it is.” [2]

“It’s quite disturbing…” [3]

“Nicolas Cage appears to be dressed as an Ewok.” [4]

“Petting it would make me uncomfortable.” [5]

“I laughed, then became uneasy, and now I’m frantically trying to persuade myself it’s simply a face swap.” [6]

Yogi had left a lasting impact with his appearance. Despite the fact that these photographs haven’t been changed, not every image of Yogi appears to be as unique.


The way his fur is combed, as well as his location in relation to the camera, appear to contribute to that humanlike impression.

He’s with the same dog as before, but this time he’s looking in a different direction. Doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary, does it?


Chantal claims she enjoys the internet’s bewildered reaction to her dog, which she attributes to the fact that she knows the truth.

Yogi is flawless.


“He’s the fluffiest, cuddliest puppy ever!” Chantal remarked. “He’s the sweetest!” exclaims the narrator.