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The Hospital Workers Who Need Her The Most Are Comforted By A Service Dog

Wynn is just a year old, but when she’s old enough, she’ll be trained as an assistance dog for someone with a handicap by Canine Companions for Independence. Susan Ryan, her puppy handler, is training and socializing her until then, but she still has a very essential duty to fulfill.

Ryan knew Wynn was a unique dog the moment she met her. She’s very lovely and lively, and she’s never encountered a problem she couldn’t overcome.


Ryan told The Dodo, “I have two of my own Labs at home, and she often conducts surprise assaults on them.” “Once she puts her vest on, though, she is all business.”


Doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees are working around the clock to give the best treatment possible while the coronavirus epidemic continues. They’re working so hard and could need some help, and Wynn is there for them, functioning as a therapy dog for anyone on staff who needs a break from the commotion.


Ryan works hard at the hospital as well, and despite the fact that she sees Wynn at home, she took a minute during her shift lately to allow Wynn to console her. Wynn leaned towards her foster mother as they sat on the hospital floor together, as if to thank her for taking such excellent care of her and all of the other patients.

“She definitely comforts us,” Ryan added.


Wynn will eventually progress to being an assistance dog for someone else in need, but for the time being, she will continue to assist at the hospital with her mother, and everyone is glad to have her there.

“The crew lights up when I go into a shift,” Ryan added. “However, it’s for Wynn, not for me.”