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A Stork That Will Never Be Able To Fly Again Lives Blissfully As A Result Of A Woman’s Unconditional Love

A stork became asleep after becoming entangled in high-voltage power wires and falling to the ground. Her beak and one of her wings were seriously injured, necessitating emergency surgery, and she was taken to a veterinary care clinic in the Mogilev area of Belarus.

Credit: elena_ershh

While the prognosis was disheartening for the vulnerable stork, an animal-loving woman came, took her home, and did everything she could to save her, despite the fact that storks are not commonly kept as pets.

Elena Ersh had come to offer him a shot in life, and he deserved it. Elena remarked:

“I learnt about a juvenile stork trapped in electricity wires, electrocuted, lost consciousness, and plummeted to the ground in Belarus’s Mogilev area.”

Credit: elena_ershh

The vets had to remove part of his wing in order for him to survive; his rehabilitation was long and full of ups and downs, but he always had the support of Elena and many other people who gradually learnt about his tale through the networks.

“When I found out, I went out of my way to find her.” I noticed a poor ill tiny stork laying there with its head down. “Elena saw a lot of anguish and misery in his eyes.”

Credit: elena_ershh

Fortunately, this lovely stork was in good hands; her rescuer built her her own little cage with a pond, she had the best food, she went to the vet, and, most importantly, she had the unconditional love of a loving woman.

Because of the help of her guardians, this lovely stork has survived every adversity.

Credit: elena_ershh

The stork appeared to be in perfect condition, but Elena had a feeling something was wrong. Despite the vet’s assurances that it was nothing severe, Elena sought a second opinion and called an ornithologist who would attend and properly evaluate the stork’s situation.

“I contacted all of the private veterinary clinics in search of an ornithologist, and I found one.” “After inspecting her, he explained that if he had waited any longer, he would have died since his wing was diseased,” Elena added.

Credit: elena_ershh

The same day they inspected her, she was operated on; this time her wing was entirely removed; although the procedure was not dangerous, they were concerned that the stork might not awaken from anesthesia. Fortunately, he lived and began to acclimate to his new existence once more. Elena emphasized:

“I massaged her legs and gave her antibiotics and vitamins for ten days.” He was able to stand up and walk after only a week! He still has trouble walking because of his lack of balance since his wing was removed. But she’s learning, and I’m confident I’ll see Gosha run one day.”

Credit: elena_ershh

The story of Gosha, as the stork was known, was gaining popularity in the neighborhood, and even the environmental committee paid a visit to Elena to assess the conditions in which this courageous bird had been discovered; officially, it had become another member of Elena’s family.

Credit: elena_ershh

Gosha has had some ups and downs, but everyone around him is hoping for a quick and complete recovery.

This stork does not give up and views each day as a new opportunity to demonstrate his bravery.

“He can now eat and drink extremely well.” In our region, it even hunts insects and worms. He is fed beef, chicken, and fish. “He will never be able to fly again, but we intend to test a prosthetic wing in the future,” Elena explained.

Credit: elena_ershh

This lovely stork has captured the hearts of not only its primary caretaker, but also of a whole fantastic team that monitors its well-being, as well as a community that never stops demonstrating its compassion and support through positive words on social media.

Credit: elena_ershh

“Sometimes simply being there is the greatest way to assist someone,” Elena said.

The story of this courageous stork tells us that even at the worst of times, someone is always willing to assist and alter a life. Thousands of blessings to this woman, who was a genuine angel to the stork.