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A Man Eating At Burger King Becomes Aware That He Is Being Watched

John McIntyre stopped by his neighborhood Burger King in Colorado earlier this week for a quick meal. However, not long after sliding into his seat, an odd sense overtook him – the impression that he was being watched.

And, indeed, he was.

McIntyre checked his back and spotted a weird person looking at him from near the restaurant’s slushie fountain.

Here’s a video of what occurred next (warning: some profanity):

“At first, I had no idea what it was,” McIntyre told The Dodo. “I caught the manager’s attention. He scared it, and it crept inside through a small breach in their walls. He unlocked the cupboard beneath the fountain machine, and we could see it through the hole.”

The monster suddenly vanished – but only for a short time. Meanwhile, the business was temporarily shuttered.


McIntyre initially assumed the animal was someone’s pet, but this was not the case. After presenting the video to his father, they discovered that the little guy was a ringtail cat, a raccoon-like species native to the area.

When they’re not hanging out in fast food places, they look like this:


The Dodo contacted the Burger King restaurant, but the employee who answered the phone declined to comment on what happened next. The ringtail cat, on the other hand, seemed to have made a break for it.

Later, an employee at a nearby auto dealership noticed a ringtail cat come into their property, adding, “We assume it’s the same one that was just seen inside the local Burger King.”

Tim Caudill, an animal control officer, arrived quickly on the scene to securely collect up the stray ringtail cat.

“I brought him out to the west side of town, where there’s a colony of them, and I let him go,” Caudill explained to The Dodo. “He appeared to be in good health. He bolted as soon as I opened the door.”


Looking back, McIntyre feels some regret for drawing attention to the ringtail cat’s fast food hideaway, ultimately ending his slushie-stealing habit.

“Nobody knows how long it has been there. It was well-organized “McIntyre explained. “I feel horrible for destroying his new house, but I had no choice. I mean, that sugar water is really tasty, so I can’t really blame the animal.”

All good things must come to an end – but the ringtail cat got his way, at least for a time.