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Homeless Man Dedicates His Life To Rescuing Dogs That Also Had No Family

There is no one else for this man and his eleven pets. With little more than a bicycle, a vehicle, and a deep love of family, he and his dogs set off on a cross-country trek. The family is still going strong and has a house after traveling more than 2,000 miles.

Since then, Steve has adopted as members of his family every stray dog he has come across while traveling. He may not have much money, but he still has a lot of love to share.

Steve has owned more than 50 stray dogs in the previous 14 years. He once set off on a voyage from California to Indiana at some time in his life.

While some individuals in Steve’s situation may have given their pets to a shelter, he refused to do so.

He only had his family of dogs, one of which was a mother with young puppies, a bicycle, and a vehicle.

They traveled roughly 2,000 miles by bicycle over much of the nation before Alicia Edrington, a lady, came upon him.

Mickey, the mother of Alicia, sent out a plea for help and donated money to provide Steve and his dogs a hotel room for the night.

The West Memphis Animal Shelter’s Kerry visited and purchased 100 pounds of dog food.

Leashes and harnesses for the family dogs were brought by several persons. For Steve and his pets, additional guests received a second hotel night.

Following the Edrington family’s appeal for assistance, a tide of kindness ultimately reached Tennessee resident Kelley Seaton, who graciously offered to take the family to their Indiana destination.