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A New Driver in Town, A Dog In A Tiny Car Is Run-In with Police

Two local police officers saw something peculiar when travelling through Heidelberg West, Australia, the other day.

It was a puppy having a good time in a tiny automobile.


Officer Lynda Giblett told the Herald Sun, “We couldn’t believe our eyes,” adding, “Of course we had to stop and check it out.”

The furry tiny driver was apprehended. What was his crime?

The police agency wrote, “Caught driving under the influence of cuteness.”


The dog, of course, was not driving himself. His owner was close behind, controlling the vehicle. There was a perfectly legitimate reason why the dog was driving around without a license, it turned out.

Buddy, the dog’s name, is an elderly canine who is both deaf and blind. His owner bought him the car so he could continue to enjoy the fresh air he used to get on their walks. Buddy, on the other hand, does it in style.


The officers apparently decided to let Buddy off with a warning — possibly to never stop being so dang cute.
Giblett stated, “It totally made our day.”