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This Shop Owner Put Up A Glass Ceiling For His Cats, And Now They’re Staring At Him Nonstop

Consider yourself under continual watch if you have a cat. Cats are not just cautious, but also incredibly curious. As a result, it’s only natural for them to spend their time in places where they can observe things in peace.

Consider what it’s like to work behind a glass ceiling. Yes, the original ceiling cat is no longer available, but the notion lives on in different incarnations of ceilings and cats mashups that continue to captivate the internet.

Credits: CMcrocodile

A Twitter user recently tweeted photos of his friend’s shop after installing glass ceiling panels instead of traditional suspended ceiling tiles.

Credits: CMcrocodile

So, Taiwanese Twitter user @SCMcrocodile just shared some photos of his friend’s shop, which has lately had its ceiling modified to incorporate glass tiles for casual feline observers.

A friend of his has a modest store with an attic. Of course, calling it an attic with a suspended tile ceiling is a stretch, but it is unmistakably an attic for his feline buddies!

Several glass panels have been installed in place of the traditional ceiling tiles. And his feline companions, of which there appear to be three, are frequently seen lounging on the glass, either lying down or actively peering and meowing at the humans below, but in any event, serving as constant surveillance.

His cats may be seen hanging out in the business, meowing at customers and monitoring everything they do.

Credits: CMcrocodile

Have you ever seen your pet through the bottom of a glass table? The impact is the same here, only it’s in the ceiling, where people are more likely to notice such a viewpoint.

The same Twitter user also posted a photo of what occurs when these same cats aren’t fed on time. Let’s pretend they’re not just there to keep an eye on things, but also to keep the peace. A working alarm system.

Do you recall the ceiling cat? It was a lolcat meme from the dawn of the internet, in which a cat poked its head through a square hole in the ceiling, peeking down on whatever was going on below.

People have joked that these are ceiling cats 2.0/3.0, which would make for the ideal purrveillance system.

Credits: CMcrocodile

The internet has gone crazy since witnessing the glass ceiling cats, with many believing that the legend of the ceiling cat has been resurrected.

Others quipped that this is the true definition of CCTV—cat ceiling top view—or purrveilance, as it’s also known. Others argued that this is where cats belong, looking down on us like the lords they are.

And it appears that the cats are capable of not only monitoring but also shredding an invader.

Credits: CMcrocodile

But no one questioned the essential question: now that the cats have been trained to walk on glass, would they fall to the floor if the panel was removed? Animals can’t always distinguish the difference between glass and thin air. I’m looking for a companion.

Needless to say, this went viral on the internet, garnering over 178,900 likes on Twitter and over 67,000 retweets, as well as being featured on various meme sites.