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Every Week, The Dog Patiently Awaits The Garbage Truck Driver

Jett, a lovely 4-year-old German Shepherd, has always found it easy to make friends. One of the most essential relationships, though, is with Curt Stickley, the garbage truck driver.

Jett’s father, Derek Molter, says the connection started around a year ago. Curt decided to ask the garbage truck driver if he may come over and pet the dog while he was out in the yard.

According to Derek, who spoke to The Dodo,

“The driver exited the vehicle and approached Jett, asking whether it was acceptable to give him a treat. Of course, I said yes, and we became friends.”


This couple has a lovely routine that they have created. Jett wants to welcome Curt like this for a few seconds, and it appears that they both enjoy that time.

Derek explains:

“If I’m home, I let Jett out once a week, and he goes about and sits on the grass, patiently waiting for his friend Curt to come over and bring him a treat.”

Derek couldn’t keep up with the garbage truck passing his house a few days ago, and Jett couldn’t go out for two weeks in a row to wait for his pal. The dog was clearly missing Curt, and he wasn’t the only one who missed the adorable ritual.

The man discovered some dog goodies in his mailbox after seeing a letter that read “look inside.”


Curt, too, missed Jett and wanted to express his feelings in some way. Derek was so impressed by the gesture that he decided to share the photographs on Facebook, and the tale quickly went viral.


Derek continued:

“I even called the Kamloops City Solid Waste Department and spoke with the driver’s supervisor to express my gratitude for their great service.”


Derek makes every effort to be home for the garbage truck tour so that these two buddies may have a brief reunion and Curt can see the dog for at least a few seconds. Jett’s routine is one of his finest.