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In honor Of Military Working Dogs, An Artist Crafts A ‘War Dog’ Sculpture

Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and their handlers have a strong relationship. It needs to be, because this risky work necessitates a high level of confidence among partners. Susan Norris, an artist and sculptor, has created a loving homage to the MWDs who have served the United States in the past, as well as those who are presently serving our nation all over the world. Here’s additional information about this lovely statue.

‘My Friend, My Hero’

Source: Facebook/Susan Norris Artworks LLC

“My Hero, My Friend,” says the bronze statue. The statue is a life-size representation of a MWD wearing a Purple Heart, which is awarded to military personnel who have been injured in action. The dog is regretfully staring down, his paw extended toward a military helmet atop a uniform.

The work of art.

Source: Facebook/Susan Norris Artworks LLC

The MWD appears to be in grief as it remembers its human friend who has died. The sculpture’s goal is to remind viewers of MWDs’ commitment to the servicemembers with whom they serve, as well as their bravery in doing so. Norris created the statue in such a manner that it emotionally affects the spectator, maybe even causing them to cry.

When questioned about the reactions to her artwork, Norris remarked, “It’s touching to watch people cry when they see my sculpture.”
What is the location of the sculpture?

Source: Facebook/Susan Norris Artworks LLC

Norris’ sculpture is lovely and poignant, but it is far from the first to celebrate MWDs. The Military Working Dogs National Monument, which was inaugurated in 2013 at Joint Base San Antonio in Lackland, Texas, is another option.

Norris has always been an artist, with her preferred mediums being painting and sculpture. She has created a wide range of sculptures on a number of topics, including animal fiction, which is one of her favorite subjects.


Source: Facebook/Susan Norris Artworks LLC

Self-taught, the New Mexico-based artist’s sculptures and paintings may be seen in private collections all over the world. Norris has also worked on additional sculptures and paintings honoring US military heroes, in addition to her bronze sculpture honoring MWDs. Visit Norris’ website or Facebook page for additional information.