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Family Devastated After Finding Their Home Destroyed By Wildfire, But Then See Their Pet Pig Waiting For Them

When a deadly wildfire spread across the woods of Tennessee, Rob Holmes knew he had to collect his family and flee immediately. “All hell broke loose,” Holmes told The Dodo.

“We could not get the cars out and the smoke was so bad our 18-month son Wyatt was having a hard time breathing.” As he fled with his wife and kids, and his cat and dog, Holmes’s daughter burst into tears – and that’s when they realized they left Charles the pet pig in the flames. It was too late to go back…

The next morning after the nightmarish night Holmes received a call from his neighbor who confirmed the worst – his house was completely burnt down. When Holmes and his family went to see it, they couldn’t believe their eyes – Charles the pig was there, alive and more happy to see them than ever! “Charles had burrowed in the mud to survive. The lord let us keep Charles. How else could he [have] survived 800 degree temperatures.”

The miracle piggy is doing very well recovering from burns and inhaled smoke at the veterinarian hospital, where Holmes and his family go to visit him every day.