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Missing Cat Found Sitting Next To His Own “Missing Cat” Poster

Recently, a funny snapshot was shared on Instagram. It depicts a window with a “Missing Cat” flyer taped to the inside. What is interesting? The fact that the “lost” cat was sitting right next to the poster, for starters. Is this simply a publicity stunt? And who is to blame, the humans or the cat’s owner?

Some argue that this was only a gimmick for individuals who enjoy peering through windows into other people’s houses. Most probable. It might also be staged with the purpose of generating a hilarious Twitter post.

It doesn’t really matter since it’s hilarious as hell.

This isn’t the first time anything like this has emerged on the internet. A similar message was made two years ago, and some thought that it was intended for peeping-toms.

Perhaps they mean “lost” in a philosophical sense?

Not sure they’ve looked that hard