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Cat Was Infected With Mange And Had Leukemia But Now Is Getting Better Day By Day

Meet this cat named Chataro. He was infected with mange; he has leukemia and infections in one eye. His skin looked bad.

He has been under surgeries a lot but still needs a lot of treatments and care. But Chataro is still a beautiful and sweet cat.

“I work from home, so we’re always together in the same room, where he sits on the desk staring at me, and from time to time climbing into my lap when he thinks I need a break or there might be the chance of a treat for him.To paraphrase John Lennon, all you need is love and a lot of medical attention for a while. Chataro looks to be about as happy a cat as one could wish for and knowing that makes my heart soar”, his owner writes to Bored Panda.