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In South African Wildlife Park, an extremely rare baby albino elephant is captured on camera.

The elephant is one of the cutest creatures on the planet. These creatures are incredibly loving and cuddly, and their eyes are so innocent. They even retain their “puppy” spirits as they grow up and become “giants.” They still like hugs and lullabies from their human companions.

At addition, a very uncommon newborn albino elephant was recently sighted and photographed in a South African wildlife park. With its pink fur, skin, and eyes, the pink elephant calf stands out from the throng. It’s so cute when it’s racing after its herd.

The newborn is a genuine albino. Its pink hue is caused by a deficiency of melanin, which includes natural pigments that provide skin color. Albinism also has an effect on the color of the animals’ eyes.

It’s also worth noting that Leucism turns the animal pink or white. This hereditary disease, unlike albinism, has no effect on the animal’s eyes. Unfortunately, albino animals’ pink skin may provide significant problems in the future. Predators may be able to see the animals more easily. They may be shunned by their own community as well.

Some creatures, however, have defied the odds and thrived in the wild. This tiny pink elephant will hopefully grow up safe and healthy.