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An Adorable Apparently Homeless Dog Who Was At A Traffic Light Approaches A Motorcyclist And Asks For Some Love

Thanks to a viral video in which he demonstrates his kindness to a biker travelling through the region where he resides, an allegedly homeless dog has become a social media celebrity.

Unlike most dogs that follow bicycles or motorcyclists in the hopes of making them uncomfortable, this little dog opted to do the exact opposite.

Danilo Ricci, a man strolling in his automobile in Sao Paulo’s western outskirts, was in for a tremendous surprise. An obviously homeless dog approaching a residential address attracted his eye as he was at a traffic signal.


As the traffic light turned, the dog came to a halt in front of the guy and begged to be petted for many minutes instead of barking.


Danilo was affected, so he decided to videotape the scene while singing a part of the samba musician Arlindo Cruz’s song “Ser um é amor.”

The courier showered the tiny puppy with affection while waiting for the traffic light to change.


In the video, Danilo says:

“Look at her face!” While the signal changes, the baby receives a lot of love.

When the traffic light finally changed, the guy assumed the dog would follow him, but he slowly and gently returned to the sidewalk.

Take a look at this cute video:

The man decided to post his video on social media, and it rapidly racked up over 15,000 views and hundreds of comments. Many people were affected by the scenario and chose to share it on social media; one of those postings had 248,000 views and over 500 comments.

As one user put it:

«The dog is a grace, and the motorcyclist’s attitude is much more charming. Nowadays, it is customary to drive the dog away rather than shower it with affection. What a lovely gesture!


Danilo, on the other hand, resolved to return the next day in order to locate the dog who was the star of the action, and he was successful. Surprisingly, Danilo was approached by a sweet dog named Nego, who did not hesitate to lavish him with kisses and pats on the head.


Danilo discovered Nego had a family after more investigation; his mother’s name is Andressa, and he has four siblings: Nega, Pandora, Pingo, and Betoven. The adorable family lives in a nearby plaza, and because they have few financial means, they rely on handouts from others.


Normally, the woman is always at the traffic signal, asking passers-by for assistance, and Nego is usually there to assist her. Even the adorable dog jumps on the doors of passing automobiles, begging for assistance in order to ensure his daily dinner.