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A Guy Surprises His Partner With Flowers That Resemble His Dog For Their Anniversary

Kanoa Jung and her boyfriend, Simon, have been dating for seven months, and dogs are definitely a major element in their relationship.

“When we initially started dating, he used to email me photographs of dogs he saw because they made him happy, and he wanted me to be happy too,” Jung explained to The Dodo.


Ellie, Jung’s dog, has always been adored by Simon as if she were his own.

Simon wanted to do something special to show his lover how much he cared on their 7-month anniversary. He decided to get them flowers, but with a unique and adorable twist.


Instead of getting conventional flowers for Jung, Simon gave them a lovely bouquet in the shape of Ellie.

The sweet gesture moved Jung, and he couldn’t help but grin when he saw the flowers next to Ellie. Like Jung and Simon, they’re a great fit.

KANOA JUNG[/caption

“I thought the flowers were really adorable. Simon gives me flowers whenever he has the chance, and I thought that was a very nice gift,” Jung said. “I believe my dog loved them as well.”

Simon wanted to demonstrate that he cared about both Jung and Ellie, and he did brilliantly.