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Adorable Dog Wanted to Surprise Her Mom At Work But Something Unexpected Happens

Cute dog named Indy really loves her mom. She lives with Liza Thayer in Connecticut. But Indy likes to ‘follow’ her owner when she goes to work.

“She loves it here, and all the residents adore her!” Thayer told The Dodo.

But one day, woman took her day off and pup walked at mom’s work by herself. She didn’t know that Liza was going to attend a friend’s wedding that day.

There, staff and residents were surprised to see Indy at the door, knowing that Thayer was off for the day. They called Thayer to let her know about her dog’s attempt at surprising her at work.

“I truly didn’t believe it!” Thayer said. “She takes the drive with me every day, but I never imagined she would do this.”

That is called love! Dog must’ve really missed her mom that day.