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Her 11 Puppies Are Gently Placed On The Lap Of Her Foster Mother

The dog Grayce has just been a mother for a few days. When she proceeded to pick up her pups – all 11 of them; ten males and one girl – and lay them tenderly, one by one, into her foster mom’s lap, she may have been feeling a little overwhelmed.

Stevoni Wells Doyle tells The Dodo, “I think she still feels insecure as a new parent.” “She also needs affection and comfort from someone she cares about and can trust.”

For the past three weeks, Grayce has been living with Doyle at her Utah home.

Doyle said that she’d been neglected in her former home and “needs a safe setting to deliver her pups.”

Doyle has taken in hundreds of dogs, including Grayce and her babies. She cares for animals in need “because they are in desperate need of us We must defend them because we are their voice.”

However, this is the first time a dog mother has given her puppies out in this manner.

“It meant a lot to me because she trusted me with her puppies and herself,” Doyle recalls. “Her love continues to overwhelm me.”

In around eight weeks, the pups and Grayce will be available for adoption through the rescue nonprofit Rescue Rovers, but only to Utah families.

Fostering saves lives, so check if you can take in a Grayce from your local shelter or favorite rescue organization.