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Dog Saves A Baby Bird And Decides He’s Her Big Brother Now

Hiro, this sweet dog, has always been a nice boy.

But he recently demonstrated exactly how good he is once again.


Hiro and his owner, Viviana Davila, were relaxing in their backyard in Puerto Rico last month when the alert dog saw something on the ground near the fence line. Hiro stood up to examine the situation more closely.

He’d discovered something, or rather, someone, and wanted to inform Davila.

“Hiro was licking something on the grass, which I observed. Hiro licked it and stared at me, then repeated the process by licking it and staring at me “The Dodo spoke with Davila. “That alerted me to the fact that something was wrong, and I contacted Hiro.”

“I grabbed a towel and snatched her up right away,” Davila added. “She was helpless and defenseless.”

Hiro was the one who had saved her life. He would, however, go on to do more.


After contacting a veterinarian, Davila discovered that the bird, a newborn Quaker parrot, had become paralyzed after falling from her nest. That meant she had a slim chance of surviving in the wild, and she would have died on the ground if Hiro hadn’t found her in time.

The young bird, on the other hand, proved to be a fighter. Davila gave her the name Hope as a result of this.

“The vet told us that in such circumstances, he advises people to euthanize their pets,” she explained. “However, he was taken aback by Hope’s will to survive.”


Davila made the decision to accept Hope into her family and provide the best care she could. She’s been feeding the bird on a regular basis and doing her best to keep her warm and comfortable, as directed by the vet.

“She’s doing much better after a week and a half,” Davila added. “Hiro has contributed to that endeavor. He hasn’t left her side from the beginning.”


Hiro has labored to ensure Hope’s heart heals while she settles into her new home and her body becomes stronger every day.

“Nothing matters to him now because he has a new mission: to look after Hope,” Davila explained.


Hiro may now be found wherever Hope goes.

As a result, a lovely friendship between the bird and the dog has evolved.


“Having Hope and caring for her thus far has been an incredible experience,” Davila said. “Every day, she teaches us about endurance, and Hiro about empathy and being a compassionate living thing and friend,” says the narrator.

Hope not only survived, but now has a loving place to call home, thanks to Hiro.