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A Woman Left Her Work And Travels On A Round-The-World Trip With Her Rescued Cat

Liz Clark, a self-described 38-year-old “pirate,” has been on a mission to quit her job and sail across the world since 2006. In San Diego, California, she worked as a waiter (United States). Liz was given a Cal 40 yacht on the condition that she chronicle her incredible globe travels.

“Captain Lizzy” rescued a 6-month-old cat in 2013, and she became her second-in-command on her boat. Amelia The Tropicat, a feline named after a tropical island, adapted well to her new life in the water.

Amelia was an adept at fishing from the boat’s side, enjoying beautiful beach walks, and trekking.

A woman quits her work and embarks on a sailing trip with her rescued cat.

In 2013, “Captain Lizzy” rescued a 6-month-old kitten and became her boat’s second-in-command. Amelia The Tropicat, a cat named after a tropical island, took to her new life in the water with ease.

Amelia was a natural at fishing from the boat’s side, taking lovely beach walks, and hiking.

A woman quits her job and sets sail with her rescued cat on a sailing expedition.

Liz has completed numerous rounds of the French Polynesian islands and spent time visiting Kiribati’s eastern islands. Without a doubt, there are far too many wonderful memories and experiences.

Liz’s dream of sailing around the country began when she was nine years old and spent six months on her family’s boat off the coast of Mexico.

Liz has been fully attracted by nature and the opportunity to learn about a new culture, along with the freedom of sailing in the wide sea, since that time.

Liz told Traveler a few years ago:

Along the way, I met Amelia. He had been living in the woods for six months. He got less scared of the water and the destinations we visited after learning to trust me. When we’re together, she knows she’s safe.

She has had many wonderful adventures while sailing across the world on her yacht, Swell. Liz recalls finding the cat with fondness; she was frail, maybe six months old, and in desperate need of food and affection. He was powerful and courageous.

Liz considered assisting numerous abandoned cats and dogs throughout her years on the road, but she felt it wouldn’t be fair to expose them to her itinerant existence.

Liz chatted with Patagonia about her life with Amelia and all of the amazing things they experienced while traveling.

Liz recalls:

“I’m not sure what happened to me that day; all I remember is that leaving without her was awful. I called her Amelia, after the famous Amelia Earhart, since I knew we both had a strong desire for adventure.

Liz, on the other side, was always submissive to Amelia’s dominance and liked letting her run the yacht whenever feasible. He had a crafty and determined air about him, and he appeared to be extremely nimble and ready for any adventure.

Unfortunately, after all of these stories, trips, and incredible adventures with Liz, Amelia left behind the finest memories and anecdotes to be cherished forever.

You can learn a little about Liz and her sailing adventure on her Instagram and Facebook accounts .