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A Woman Finds That Her Cat Has Been Stealing Shoes From The Streets

Jordan is a sweet cat with an odd interest that lives in Altoona, Pennsylvania, with his mother Bj Ross (United States). He’s been bringing Ross presents every time he goes out exploring at night for a few years now.

Ross began to notice a huge number of shoes in his yard, which he used to toss away until he realized they were gifts from his cat, at which point he formed a Facebook group in the hopes of reuniting the shoes with their owners. Jordan became renowned as a result of this, and today everyone likes reading about his escapades.

According to the woman, who spoke to The Dodo on the condition of anonymity,

“We must have had over 80 pairs of shoes,” says the narrator. Baseball gloves are available as well. Pads for the knees and elbows Toys with squeaks Also, a swimsuit!

In the neighborhood, a woman catches her cat stealing shoes.

Jordan’s mother got him a GPS and a camera in the garden to see him to learn more about Jordan’s night excursions. He now has a video of his pet returning home with his prize in his mouth as a result of this.

Jordan does not appear to be remorseful for his actions, and he appears to relish looking at the array of shoes that he has managed to bring home as a gift for his mother.

Jordan appears to like bringing full pairs of shoes to his mother, and his GPS reveals that he goes 7-8 kilometers every night, often doing multiple runs because he can only take one shoe at a time.

Ross frequently uploads photos of the objects his cat brings home each night to the Facebook page in the hopes that someone would identify them and help him reclaim them.

The lady explains:

“So far, we’ve been able to locate an owner. Six pairs of her shoes were taken by him! It was impossible for me to believe it was a cat. He assumed his children had misplaced them.

For the time being, everyone is enjoying the articles that this brave feline frequently steals from other people’s houses. Jordan’s neighbors now know that if his sneakers go missing, Jordan is almost certainly to blame.

Jordan appears to have an accomplice in the form of his brother Mistletoe. As shown by the video.

You may learn more about this nimble cat and his special thefts by visiting his Instagram account.