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Orphaned Baby Opossums Meet A Dog And Since They Climbed On Its Back They Won’t Let Go

The woodlands of Monte Alto in Sao Paulo (Brazil) have been under siege by ferocious fires for more than a month, destroying everything in their path. As with every previous significant forest fire, there are tragic losses in terms of flora and fauna, but despite the destruction, there are acts of solidarity that maintain hope.

A group of seven young possums were saved from the blazing fire a few weeks ago. It appears that their habitat was destroyed, and during the escape, their parents may have perished. These critters appeared to be headed for disaster, but thanks to one special fuzzy, they have found a new home.

A team of unaffiliated rescuers helped the possums flee the fire and rescued them. Fortunately, none of them had any significant wounds, but they were all quite anxious and freaked out about the situation. They have, however, found comfort in a foster parent of a different species.

Talita Peixoto, a biology student who assists in caring for the little creatures impacted by the fires, is the owner of the Jojo. Talita wanted her cat to get used to the opossums and stop trying to harm them once they had arrived, but things escalated.

When I placed them on Jojo’s back, they immediately seized him. Since that time, he has started to worry as though they were his little children, “explained his owner.

Samuel Mara is the man who saved these possums, and he admits that he was shocked by the link Jojo formed with them because he is aware of the case of other dogs that ended up attacking them.

“Four other possums entered cities to escape the fires but were killed by dogs. Some pups perished as a result of this circumstance, but these seven fought back and located the magnificent Jojo,” said Samuel.