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Dog Returned 4 Times Is Finally Adopted By Someone Who Loves Him As He Is

Bandit is a special needs dog that four separate families have adopted and then returned. He appeared to be without a forever home for a very long time, but then something happened.

The dog was transported to the Gwinnett Animal Shelter after being discovered on Georgia’s streets, where it was eventually included to the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program. With the help of jail inmates who care for the dogs and train them to become family members, this initiative stops the euthanasia of pets.

Bandit appeared to be in good condition, but medical issues caused him to lose the use of his legs, forcing him to need a wheelchair to go around.

Facebook/Darrell Rider

Bandit requires a lot of attention due to his specific demands; perhaps this is why his adopters have returned him to the program on a number of occasions.

The volunteers for the organization like the dog, but they secretly wished he had a permanent family and home.

It seems like the appropriate family would never find them after so many setbacks, but then a couple read the post on Facebook and realized they could provide the animal with some much-needed care.

Darrell and Sue Rider, who make up the pair, were inspired by the Bandit story, but since Darrell also has a disability, they weren’t disturbed by their specific need.

Darrell stated to The Dodo:

“The most remarkable aspect of Bandit is that, like myself, he is paralyzed from the neck down and relies on a wheelchair to move around. Sue and I both have experience living in wheelchairs, so we are aware of what Bandit needs. We also have a much stronger bond.”

Facebook/Darrell Rider

The pair appeared on the program to go through every aspect of dog ownership after agreeing to acquire Bandit. After a month-long procedure, everyone was in agreement that Bandit would make a wonderful addition to his new family.

Volunteer Lori Cronin of the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program stated:

Darrell said they wanted to give Bandit a life where he was accepted and well-cared for since he was “exactly like him.”

There was no question that they were intended to be Bandit’s parents after completing the required papers and seeing him.

Facebook/Darrell Rider