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When Their Friend Is Attacked By A Hawk, Goat And Rooster Come To The Rescue

For animals, the world may be a hazardous place. When you have pals, though, life is a lot less terrifying.

Just ask this really fortunate hen.


An unwanted guest decided to swoop in on Jaap Beets’ farm in the Netherlands the other day. It was a hawk, and he seemed to have his eyes set on one of Beets’ hens in particular.

What the hawk didn’t realize was that the hen had a few loyal companions on her side.

The chicken’s pals — a rooster and a goat — came in to protect her and chase the hawk away shortly after the hawk launched his attack.

Here’s a video of that moment:

Despite how terrifying the situation was, everything turned out okay for the unwitting hen, due to her brave companions.

“I was very pleased of the rooster and goat that leapt to protect our hens,” says the rooster “Beets remarked. “I was also relieved that the chicken was still alive.”