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Dog Is Left On The Street After 10 Years With A Heartbreaking Note

A sweet black Lab was discovered abandoned and chained to the Jasmil Kennels kennel gate in Upchurch, Kent, UK. The dog arrived with a sorrowful message from his owner, who said that the senior Labrador “had not learnt to be kind” after such a long time and requested that the kennel take him away.

Swale Borough Council’s Stray Dog Service took up the issue after discovering that this dog had been abandoned on the street. According to the BBC, because the dog lacked a microchip, they are attempting to contact the pet’s father to clarify the issue and learn why he abandoned the animal after such a long time.

On Facebook, Swale Borough Council’s Stray Dog Service shared images of the dog with the caption:

This morning, at Jasmil Kennels, an elderly black Lab was discovered chained to railings. We’d like to speak with the owner to learn more about why the dog was abandoned.

After ten years, a dog is abandoned on the street.

If a person is having difficulties teaching their dog, this is not the way to go, according to the organization.

They explained:

“Relocating it again is the final resort, but it’s not the best choice, so we’d appreciate whatever information we can obtain so we can communicate with the owner.”

The message the dog delivered read:

“Please, can you take me since my owner has abandoned me after ten years because I have not learnt to be nice, and they have returned me to where he found me.”

Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service stated on social media that they have located the labrador’s father after an investigation and are currently evaluating the matter.

They described:

“We’ve also reached out to family members who are familiar with and adore the dog. They were ignorant of the owners’ plans and have requested that the dog be brought to them so that it can live out its days in a safe environment with people it knows.

– Ad – We hope everything works out for this lovely puppy and that he is able to live out his days in a loving environment.