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Woman Saves A Hummingbird That Fell Off A Tree, It Repays By Making Her Look Like A Real-Life Disney Princess

They say life imitates art (or is it vice versa?..) but sometimes life can also imitate Disney fairytales. This is what happened to Kimberly, a model from the UK, who happened to come across a hummingbird that fell out of its nest. Kimberly and her family helped the little guy and nursed him back to health. Before releasing the baby hummingbird back into the wild, Kimberly wanted to make sure that it was okay and could drink properly from flowers, as hummingbirds do.

“We had a tree trimmer come get a huge limb that was resting on my house and during the process this baby fell, unfortunately we could not locate the nest, my family cared for the baby for a couple of days to make sure it was ok,” Kimberly told Bored Panda. “After about 48 hours it started to hover on its own and once it started trying to get out of the cage I took it out to those flowers where it showed me it knew just what to do. It then flew up into one of the trees nearby and I have seen it flying around since.”

Apparently, this is not the first time that the family has taken in a sick animal to nurse back into health. “We have a variety of animals on our beautiful mountain property in New Mexico and occasionally, they need help. We do our best to give wildlife its space and admire from a safe distance but on occasion, we might have to step in. This baby was fortunately old enough that we were able to assist in its rehabilitation. If it had been a young baby, it would have been sent to a local rehab center,” Kimberly shared with Bored Panda.

“We were fortunate that it did not get injured when it fell from the nest, it actually dropped onto the shoulder of one of the work men after cutting the tree limb. It fluttered onto the machine they were using and just laid there for a second before we were able to move it to a safe place inside . It ate readily when offered food and it fluttered it’s wings often, it seems that all he needed was a little food and a safe place to try his wings before heading out on its own,” Kimberly told us.