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Elephant Babies Don’t Know What To Do With Their Trunks

A TikTok video about baby elephants recently surfaced. The babies don’t know what their trunk is for, which is an interesting truth about them. It takes a long time for them to figure out what it’s for. There’s no way this could be much cuter.

So, if you see a baby elephant flailing his trunk and head, know that he is in distress. The site, on the other hand, is completely adorable. You’ll fall in love with it.

The baby elephants, he claims, go through an awkward stage. They are unsure what to do with their trunk or what it is for. He went on to say that it takes them years to figure out what it’s for. Until then, they’ll try to acclimate to their new bodies by helicoptering their trunk around.

He did, however, provide an excellent analogy between a newborn elephant trunk and a helicopter.

The message spread like wildfire. It can be found all over the internet. This TikTok received 1.3 million views. In addition, 6582 people have left comments on it. That is enormous. Furthermore, the rate of sharing is around 23.2 thousand times.

This isn’t the only fact about them. They also have a strong attachment to their mothers. Elephants behave in the same way as human newborns do. For everything, they rely on their mothers. Not just for a couple of months.

They’ve been clinging to their mums for years. They also avoid getting into the water by themselves. They would only go if their mothers encouraged them. Also, when they are at ease knowing that their mother is always there for them.

These truths are genuinely endearing. Who wouldn’t be fall in love by a baby elephant.

This TikTok totally aww struck everyone!