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A Pint Of Strawberries Is A Cat’s Favorite Snuggle

Meet Remus, a ten-year-old tabby with a strange love for fruit.

Carly Cox noticed that her curious cat was exploring through the groceries more than usual when spring arrived this year. It took a while, but Cox ultimately figured out that Remus was intrigued by a carton of strawberries.

Cox told The Dodo, “I asked my sister (a veterinarian) if they were OK for him to have.” “She said yes, and he was overjoyed when I presented them to him!”

Remus used to like playing with his toys and activity tunnel before falling in love with strawberries. Remus, on the other hand, became captivated with the bright red fruit after discovering it.

While strawberries should not be included in a cat’s usual diet due to their high sugar content, Remus appears to be unaffected.

“Remus generally snuggles and plays with the strawberries,” Cox said. “Rather of trying to consume them, he rubs his face all over them and tosses them about like toys.”

Strawberry could be a distant relative of catnip, having a similar psychoactive effect in cats, despite the fact that cats can’t taste sweet and have problems seeing the color red.

Whatever the explanation for Remus’ fascination with strawberries, and only strawberries, the cat simply cannot get enough of them.

“When he gets sleepy, he’ll sleep with the strawberries as well,” Cox explained. “I’m not sure why he likes them so much, but I’m glad I can provide him happiness with something so simple!”