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Janie, The Rescued Kitten, Has The Looks Of A Little Raccoon

Janie is a lovely little cat that has become famous on the internet. Because of her unique fur color, she became an internet sensation. Her fur is silver-grey in hue, giving her a raccoon-like appearance. All of this occurred in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue had arrived just in time to save her. Janie was found “all alone on the sidewalk, screaming for her life,” according to Melissa, who runs the shelter. On her rear paws, the cat had “some really bad” sunburns. According to Paws Planet, the rescue took place on the streets of Ontario, Canada.
For two weeks, the kitten was maintained in an incubator. June had taken Janie in as a child. June gets Janie’s adopted mother cat. June had also been rescued by the animal shelter while she was pregnant. Janie is now a healthy cat thanks to the animal shelter’s care.

At the time of its arrival, the cat weighed 82 grams. For a cat, this was very light! Despite this, the cat triumphed over all odds and went on to have a happy life. According to Earth Wonders, Janie was just 24 hours old when she was saved.

The cat’s condition, which gives it its color, is unique. This condition is known as a ‘Fever Coat.’ When a kitten’s mother gives birth when she is pregnant, this happens. The issue is not worrisome because the coloration will fade as the cat grows older.

Melissa describes Janie as having a unique personality. She is a nice, feisty cat who purrs constantly. Melissa goes on to say that the cat is adored by everyone because she is “different.” She eventually posted the cat’s journey to her Instagram feed for all to witness. Janie, on the other hand, has a global following.

With June and her four kittens, Janie has become part of the animal shelter’s growing family. We wish the cat a good life and that he maintains his online superstar status!